Saturday, March 31, 2007

Expulsion of Oromo students form schools continued

March 30, 2006 (OLF) - Since its ascendance to power the Ethiopian minority regime has bent on campaigns of terror on anything Oromo well across the board. Recently has it focused on expulsion of Oromo professionals from their jobs and depriving Oromo kids their rights to education. Accordingly, this month alone, 9 Oromo students were expelled from schools in West Shawa zone of Oromia for no known reasons.

The names of the expelled students are:

1. Girma Nagassa (previously imprisoned for 8 months and later released without charges ),
2. Getacho Idoosaa (also suspended from school for a year before)
3. Dagitu Tashome
4. Anbassa Tariku
5. Tadassa Tasu
6. Dajane Ababiyaa
7. Tamira Tarafa
8. Garado Asafaa
9. DajaneAduyna

Residents of the area have identified the following under cover government security officials who are behind this crime against Oromo students in the area:

1. Shanbal Nagassa (works for district administration office)
2. Baqale Banti (vice administrator of the district)
3. Sichala Dheressaa
4. Balate kumaa (member of school board)
5. Ababa Lelisa (works for rural development office)
6. Alamayo Tafaa

We would like to alert Oromos in the region to be aware of the covert operations of these individuals and take necessary precautionary measures.

Victory for the Oromo People!

OLF Infodesk
Oromo Liberation Front



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