Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Press Statement

Oromos are fed to wild beasts in their own homeland

March 11, 2007 — The ongoing atrocities perpetuated by the Ethiopian minority regime against the Oromo people took a new turn recently when 19 Oromos (age ranging from 14yrs teen to 70yrs old elderly man) were murdered and their corpses were intentionally disposed in beast-infested jungle for hyena consumption. The corpses of 19 Oromos were fully eaten up by hyenas and their relatives were left with no remains for burial.

In any civilized human culture dead bodies are dignified and human remains deserve dignified burial. In stark contrast with such universal humane standards, our people are being hunted in their own homes, massacred in mass and their remains are fed to wild beasts by a regime devoid of any human dignity. This inhumane act of cruelty is in accordance with the recent declaration by Prime Minister Melles Zenawi in which he criminalized any association with the Oromo Liberation Front, legalizing mass murder as a result of political views. The first phase of the mass killing mission has been executed in Eastern Oromia zone under the banner of "eliminating opposition supports". We have earlier reported the murders taken place around the hills known as Suufii and Daalacha, in Mi’essoo district, in which more than 20 innocent people were killed.

The names of people fed to wild animals, those tortured beyond recovery and those languishing in concentration camps are compiled as follows:

a) Those fed to hyena

1; Ayihsaa Aliyyii; 14; Female, Mi’eesso
2; Ahmad Mahammad Kurree; 70; Male, Mi’eesso
3; Adam Abdukariim; 32; M, Mi’eesso
4; Adam Ammee Yaasuuf; 35; M, Mi’eesso
5; Ahamad Abrahim (boruu); 30; M, Mi’eesso
6; Mahamad Eeliyaas Guutoo; 28; M; Mi’eesso
7; Yaasuf Ibroo; 34; M; Asabooti; Mi’eesso;
8; Ahmad Abduraman; 37; M; Asabooti; Mi’eesso
9; Abdallaa Mahamad Beruu; 25; M; Faayoo; Mi’eesso; Grade 10
10; Mahamad Aliyyii Turee; 30; M; ‘Ciro; Ciro;
11; Adinaan Mahammad; 22; ‘M; Galamso; Habroo; Grade 12
12; Ahmad Mahamad; ‘36; M; Gubbaa Qorichaa; Gubbaa qoricha;
13; ‘Ahmad Korreaa; -; M; ; Doobbaa;
14; Ahmad Aliyyii; 14; M; Doobbaa; Doobbaa; Grade 8
15; Ahmad shankoor; 18; M; ; Tuullo; Grade 10
16; Ahmad Eeliyaas; -; M; ; Mi’eesso;
17; Ibrahim Badhaasoo; -; M; ; Habroo;
18; Mohammad Saanii; ‘-; M; ; Doobbaa;
19; Ahamad Abraahim; -; M; ; Mi’eesso; Grade 9

b) Those tortured beyond recovery

1) Ahmad Abdullee
2) Mahamad Habroo
3) Abdujaliil Abdallaa
4) Mahamad Sofiyaan
5) Abdallaa Dawid
6) Ibsaa Aadam
7) Mahdii Aliyyii
8) Gadaa Mahamad
9) Kalid Aliyyii
10) Kimiyaa Aadam
11) Faatumaa Mahamad
12) Muntahaa
13) Faatumaa Zaaraa

c) Those languishing in concentration camps in Mi’eesso

1; Usmaan Tuqoo;
2; Bokkuu Burtaa; Student at Haramaya University
3; Abdallaa Mahamadee;
4; Husseen Ahmad;
5; Kaarruu Bishee;
6; Badhaasoo Mahamad;
7; Abdallaa Abraahim;
8; Aadam Abdullaa;
9; Yaassin Ibraoo;

We would to renew our call on to the international community to break the silence about the massacre of the Oromo people and exert their outmost effort to stop this human tragedy.

Oromo Liberation Front -Infodesk

March 11, 2007



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