Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mass Arrest And Killings In Oromia (Statement of OMRHO)

Oromo Menschenrechts- und Hilfsorganisation (OMRHO e.V.)
Oromo Human Right and Relief Organisation
Ijaarsa Mirga Namoomaa fi Gargaarsa Oromoo


The Oromo Human Right and Relief Organization (OMRHO) received yesterday alarming and shocking news that at least 13 Oromos have been killed in cold blood by the TPLF regime in Northern Oromia, Wallo, at a district known as Sambatee. The reason given for the killing was their political affiliation with the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The precise date and their circumstance of death remain yet unknown. What is certain is that they were killed by government security forces. List of the killed includes the following names:

1. Mr. Aadam Umer Kubii
2. Mr. Usee Ammadaa Usee
3. Mr. Rahammad Abdullaa
4. Mr. Saalih, Buubaa
5. Mr. Umaruu, Ahmed Alii
6. Mr. Mohammad Diinaa
7. Mr. Aliyyii Muhee
8. Mr. Hassan Mohammad
9. Mr. Jaarraa, Ammadee
10. Mr. Abbaa Aadam
11. Mr. Umer Buubaa Umaruu
12. Mr. Mohammad Usee Alii
13. Mr. Husuu Aliyyii.

According to the information we got, the mentioned were previously forcefully displaced from their village known as Jiillee, near to Laga Saagat in Sambatee district, and transferred to somewhere unspecified. Their murder by the regime took place after they were uprooted from their community with a sinister aim of avoiding public awareness and thereby communal unrest. Our source of information added that there were numerous other individuals who survived the death squad with serious injuries. In view of this fact therefore it is highly probable that the number of the killed may increase soon.

The TPLF/EPRDF regime is virtually in a state of war against the Oromo public at large. This is true particularly since the new wave of mass arrest in the last couple of weeks. Reports about mass arrest, kidnapping, displacement and torture are overwhelming OMRHO. According to our freshest information, Harargee region is this time the target of the regime’s all out action campaign. Accordingly, the following individuals were reported to have been kidnapped, on 11th November 2008, by the regime and where their about remain yet unknown:

1. Mr. Jaafarii and Mr. Abdusalaam from a locality known as Gooroo Guutuu, Baroodaa town in Harargee region.
2. Mr. Mohammad Aamma from a locality Cinaaqsan, Ordee village.
3. Mr. Joohar from Baabbilee area, Feerroo village.
4. Mr. Abdul Aziiz from Qilee village

While the above mentioned are those who were kidnapped and no one can tell where their about, the following are those who were arrested by official federal police and security forces of the regime on the same date, 11/11/ 2008.

1. Mr. Haarun Kabir Ibroo and his wife Mrs. Fatiyaa Ahimed, arrested and their property confisicated by the regime.
2. Mr. Abdii Amadee.
3. Mr. Toofiq imprisoned
4. Mrs. Caaltuu
5. Mr.Mohammad Sheekaa,
6. Mr. Abdii Muummadee,
7. Mr. Mohammad Alii,
8. Mr. Mohammad Abdallaa Ahmad,
9. Mr. Mohammad Haajii,
10. Mr. Geetaachoow,
11. Mr. Abdii Walloo,
12. Mr. Birraatuu Kabbadaa,
13. Mr. Mohammad Hawaash,
14. Mr. Aliyyii Faxiiraa,
15. Mr. Najjaash Awwadaay,
16. Mr. Abdurahamaan Mohammad
17. Mr. Saabit Abdurahmaa Aammee

All these mentioned individuals are from Diree Dhawaa city in Harargee region. The reason for their imprisonment was said to be, by the regime, their political opinion or organizational affiliation.

In view such an all out gross human right violation, it is obvious that the Ethiopian state is getting in a very turbulent and dangerous situation. Its danger lies precisely in the dissemination and naturalization of violence into the civil society, which could lead in the final analysis to a common ruin. OMRHO recommends all peace, justice and democracy loving nations of the world to act before it would be too late to act as it often happened else where in Africa. OMRHO strongly believes that humanity would ultimately prevail.

Oromo Menschenrechts- und Hilfsorganisation (OMRHO e.V.)
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Telefax & Telefon: 49-(0) 511-5389697 Email: oromohro @ yahoo.com
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