Sunday, November 02, 2008

The EPRDF/TPLF Security Agents continued their Arrest and Intimidation of Innocent Oromos!

(OLF News, October 31, 2008)

A report we received from Finfinnee ( Addis Ababa ) confirmed that the Ethiopian Woyane/TPLF government has arrested the Afan Oromo TV program of ETV, secretariat typist Lelise Wodajo.

According to our sources, the TPLF security force has arrested Mrs, Lalise Wadajo Fida (Mr, Dhabasas Wajiras wife) from Ethiopian Television center the place where she works, and they took her to TPLF Maikelawi Investigation Center, on October 30,2008 at about mid day (yesterday) in capital, Addis Ababa.

According to our informants, after they arrest Mrs Wadajo from her work place, they took her to her home and after that her house is confiscated by Wayane TPLF security force. At the moment her children Jitu, Bonsen Dhabasa and Bethelim Dawit are suffering without guardian.

Mrs Lalise Wodajo is among the 60 Afan Oromo TV journalists, who were recently expelled from job as the consequence of the shut down of Afan Oromo program from ETV transmission since September 12, 2008. At this time, 60 Oromo journalists are denied entrance to the office of the Ethiopian Television Station.

It is to be recalled that OLF News has reported that as a consequence of the shut-down of the ETV Afan Oromo program the Oromo people are now denied access to information and international news and are forced to listen and watch only the propaganda of the OPDO, which is a puppet Oromo organization completely controlled by Meles Zenawi and the TPLF. The decision to shut down the Afan Oromo TV program from the federal level ETV programs is made to limit the growth and radius of influence of Afan Oromo making it inaccessible to non-Oromos and Oromos living outside of Oromia, once again an attempt to reduce or eliminate the Oromo people and their language Afan Oromo from the empire and the face of the earth.

The relatives of Mrs Lelise Wodajo appealed that all Oromos leaving at home and abroad, all governmental, non-governmental, and humanitarian organizations put pressure on the Ethiopian authorities for the injustice arrest, confiscation of property and for the life of their children who are left without parent, food and shelter.



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