Monday, September 01, 2008

Human Rights Abuse in the Horn of Africa (HRLHA Press Release No. 11)

Human Rights Abuse in the Horn of Africa

Ethiopia-Torture and Extrajudicial Killings

There are reports of torture and unlawful killings by Ethiopian security agents around the border and in side the country.

1. Sheik Mohamed Kalif Shafi, age 68, born in eastern Harerge, Kombolch/Falana town, was killed by the Ethiopian army personnel in the Ethio- Somalia border town of Bombasi, HRLHA reporter reported.

Sheik Mohamed Kalif was an Ethiopian Oromo who had been in Somaliland for over 30 years. He recently traveled to Ethiopia to visit his relatives in Eastern Hararge, Kombolcha/Falana town. According to HRLHA reporter in Somaliland, Sheik Mohamed was killed by hanging by Ethiopian army, in a military camp found in the border town of Bombasi on his way back to Somaliland. Besides, Sheik Mohammed was severely tortured by the members of the Ethiopian army before he was killed by hanging, according to HRLHA reporter. The Ethiopian army in the area, who exrtrajudicially killed Sheik Mohamed Kalif, has been trying to convince the public that Shek Mohamed committed suicide.

2. Abdii Umar Alii, age 15, was killed by Ethiopian soldiers in Awady town, Eastern Hararge in Ethiopia on August 13, 2008. According to HRLHA reporter, on the same day, 12 other civil Ethiopians were killed in a car by Ethiopian soldiers between Harar and Jijiga towns while driving from Wachale to Harar. The reason for the Killing was unknown.

Sudan;- Detention and Torture

Among the Oromo refugees currently living in Sudan, Khartoum, the following Oromos have been being held in a Sudanese detention center for more than six months:

  1. Marqos Goobana Gambel
  2. Tamam Fiqkadu Dugasa
  3. Mohamed Umar
  4. Sharafu Mohamed
  5. Tamam Negasa

According to HRLHA reporter in Khartoum, the Oromo refuges were abduted by the Sudanee security agents and exposed to severe torture before they were sent to the detention centre. Among them, Tamam Negassa is still being held in prison under harsh condition.

HRLHA highly condemn the unlawful killings of civilians by the Ethiopian military personnel and Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) is also highly concerned about the safety and security of all refugees residing in Sudan. It urges other human rights agencies (local, regional and international) to join hands with it and condemn these illegal and inhuman acts of both the Ethiopian and the Sudan governments against defenseless citizens and refugees. It also requests governments of the West and other international organizations to interfere so that the safety and security of those refugees would be secured.
The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa/HRLHA is a non-political organization which attempts to challenge abuses of human rights of the peoples of various nations and nationalities in the Horn of Africa.
HRLHA is aimed at defending fundamental human rights including freedoms of thought, expression, movement and organization. It is also aimed at raising the awareness of individuals about their own basic human rights and that of others. It has intended to work on the observances as well as due processes of law. It promotes the growth and development of free and vigorous civil society


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