Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Appeal of Oromo Parlamentarians Council to the International Community Concerning Gross Human Rights Violation in Oromia

Oromo Parliamentarians Council
Gumii Parlaamaa Oromoo

To: The International Community
Human right organizations
All Concerned bodies

It is the high time for all the concerned body to interfere in the gross human right violation of Oromo from all walks of life and secure their constitutional freedom. As of 30/10/2008 the TPLF led Ethiopian government has put under unlawful detention more than 100 Oromo’s of different background in different cities of Oromiya including in the capital city under the notorious pretext of supporting the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The list we have yet received includes:

1. Mr. Baqale Jirata, General Secretary of (OFDM) Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement, Registered legal political Organization.
2. Mr. Ishetu Kitili ,Owner of Hawwii Hotel
3. Mr. Asafa Dibaba ,Lecturer of Afan Oromo at Addis Ababa University
4. Mrs. Lelise Wodajo , Wife of journalist Dhabessa Waqjira
5. Mr. Kebede Borena ,Manager of Hilton Hotel , Addis Ababa
6. Mr. Dasta Kitili ,Brother of Mr.Ishetu Kitili
7. Mr. Worqina ,Teacher in Dambidollo school
8. Mr. Namoomsa Warqina ,Teacher in Bakejama school
9. Mr. Geetahun , From Wollega University
10. Mr. Belay Korme ,From Neqemte Hospital pharmacy
11. Mr. Kabade Bulti ,Trader
12. Mr. Niguse Dhaba
13. Mr. Fiqadu Jalqaba , College student
14. Mr. Baqale Negeri
15. Mr. Dejene Dhaba , Trader
From Manasibu and Qiltu karra district the following Oromo’s were imprisoned for the same allegation
16. Mr.Qajela Abdata from Mandi town ,member of OFDM imprisoned from 1997- 2003 and in 2005 and now for the third term.
17. Mr. Tokkon Mardasaa, Member of OFDM and imprisoned in 2005 , tortured to the level of disability and confiscated his property
18. Mr.Bulti Jalata , OFDM member imprisoned in 2005,tortured to the level of disability and confiscated his property.

Wallo Oromia Zon Sanbate district 13 peoples are killed by TPLF security forces.

1. Mr. Aadama Umer Kubi
2. Mr. Usee Ammadaa Usee
3. Mr. Rahammad Abdullaa
4. Mr. Saalih Buubaa
5. Mr. Umaruu Ahmed Ali
6. Mr. Mohammad Diinaa
7. Mr. Aliyi Muhe
8. Mr. Mussa Mohammad
9. Mr. Jaaraa Ammadee
10. Mr. Abba Aadam
11. Mr. Umer Buubaa Umaruu
12. Mr. Mohammad Usee Ali
13. Mr. Husuu Aliyi
This is only part of the list and the imprisonment is still going on in all Oromia Zones especially in Finfinne (Addis Ababa), Baddannoo, Burqaa, Kurfaa, Calle, Gurawwaan, Mettaa, Geedoo, Neqemte, Finca’a.
Accordingly we call up on International Community, European Parliament, European Commission, USA, AU, UK and the human right groups Amnesty International, Human Right Watch, International Red Cross, UNPO, UNHCR and all the concerned body to speak up on the injustice carried against the Oromo people for being Oromo alone by the Meles Zenawi government
Oromo Parliamentarians Council
Nov 16. / 2008

Gumii Paarlaamaa Oromoo (GPO), Oromo Parliamentarians Council (OPC)
sint-Jobstraat 43, 2060 Antwerpen, Belgium,
Tel 0032488 47 93 60, Email: GPO@Yahoo.com


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