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Let's say Oromai to the System of Domination in Oromia and Ethiopia/the Horn (Fayyis Oromia)

Let's say Oromai to the System of Domination in Oromia and Ethiopia/the Horn
I wish that it would be now the right time for Oromo people in particular and for all oppressed nations in the empire in general, including the oppressed mass in Amharia and Tigrai, to say Oromai (it is an end or is completed) after their struggle for more than a century against the Abyssinian nafxena's system of domination. We are at the cross road now to get rid of the current oppressors, the Weyane neo-nefxenyas, and to move forward towards the liberty of citizens and the freedom of nations as well as to the multi-national democracy, including the self-rule of nations in the empire. Simply put, we are on the verge of dismantling the empire system of domination in order to build a genuine union of free nations.

Recently one blogger on the newly started website of the online Addis Neger came up with an interesting topic: "An Oromo Obama: The Audacity to Reinvent Ethiopia". The blogger tried to express his wish that Oromo people take a responsibility to democratize Ethiopia, rather than the attempt to decolonize Oromia. He came up with the "either - or" thinking as if decolonization of Oromia and democratization of Ethiopia are exclusive to each other (thinking in a "parallel framework"). An anonymous author on reacted with a very good precision showing how both decolonization of the nation Oromia (being free from the hitherto system of domination in the empire) and democratization of the region called Ethiopia can go hand in hand.

I just say, any Oromo Obama, who may ignore the existence, decolonization and independence of Oromia, be it within the clothing/mask of the region, Ethiopia, or within the Horn is doomed to fail. The only Ethiopia which might have a chance to survive is the one based on free Oromia and on the free will of Oromo people. Thinking otherwise and still preaching a democratic unitary Ethiopia, where Oromia will be dismantled or dominated, is an obsolete mindset of the "modern" descendants of the old nefxenyas and the thinking of the currently ruling neo-nefxenyas. The only way of democratization which can be accepted by a certain Oromo Obama is a multi-national democracy after/with self-determination of Oromia.

It is only after/with the self-determination of the oppressed nations in the region including the Afar, Ogaden, Oromo, Sidama, Anyuwak, Benishangul, etc that a true democratization of the region, be it in a from of Ethiopian union or Horn union, can take root. Trying to democratize an empire is simply a self-deception just as it was during the past Teferi Mekonnen's "aristocratic democracy", Mengistu H/Mariam's "autocratic democracy" and the present Meles Zenawi's "ethnocratic democracy". We can just talk about this buzz word democracy, but we continue to suffer further under tyranny. The elites in that empire, specially the Habesha elites should come to their sense and smell the coffee. The era of decieving Oromo people and other oppressed nations with the sham democratization of Ethiopia is almost over.

That is why it is now the time for calling ALL oppressed nations to rise up against the worst only one EVIL (the ruling fascist neo-nefxenyas) in the region. No question that the devil in the Horn of Africa now is this fascist rule of the neo-nefxenyas. All nations in the region have this one common enemy. Nations in the current Ethiopian empire like Oromo, Amhara, Gurage, Sidama, Somali, Afar, Welayita...etc and even the neighbour nations like Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia should have certain de facto alliance against these fascists.

I think the "multi-national" forces of freedom and democracy like G-7 starting to cooperate with the national liberation fronts like OLF is the new version of the alliance yet to be fostered similar to the past AFD. This new alliance of the "iilegal" forces of freedom and democracy in addition to the alliance at home will definetly be the beginning of the end for the devil of the Horn. One of the best sentences said by Dr Berihanu Nega until now was: Weyanewoch iyekefafelun yalut, kenesu bilxinet yetenesa sayihon, kenya monyinet yetenesa newu.

This wise assertion is the call for the alliance of all against tyranny to struggle together having the following two phases of the ongoing struggle for freedom and democracy, which was previously planned by AFD and now propagated by G-7 and others:

- first phase to achieve our freedom from tyranny or from the system of domination, i.e decolonization.
- second phase to build multi-national democracy in the region Ethiopia or the Horn, i.e democratization.

Here we see that decolonization of the nations like Oromia and that of the regions like Ethiopia/the Horn comes prior to the democratization. Decolonization is the very good prerequisite for democratization. Other way round, theoretically, democratization of Ethiopia can be a very good means for decolonization of Oromia. But thinking to democratize an empire is a pipe dream. Now we are in the first phase, the phase of decolonizing nations in Ethiopia, where we ALL need to cooperate for freedom from the neo-nefxenyas' lording as well as looting and thereafter in the second phase or in the phase of democratization, we all can compete for power in the future genuine union of free nations in a democratic way.

So, it is now a time for all opposition democratic parties and the liberation fronts including both the "legals" and the "illegals" to come to their sense, after the past 19 years of foolishness. Let all of them agree on one common ground, i.e on one common purpose: national independence like independent Oromia with regional union like Ethiopian/Horn union. It is encouraging that we started to observe that Habesha dominated organizations like G-7 and UDJ started to talk that they are fighting first for freedom from tyranny and then struggle for a possible multi-national and multi-party democracy. Now, there are four groups of politicians in the empire regarding this common purpose:

- the fascist neo-nefxenyas, who claim to have achieved both national autonomy for all nations in the empire and claim to have forged a federation (unity) based on "free will" of these "autonomous" nations.

- the reactionary descendants of the old nefxenyas, who do reject national independence (autonomy) of nations in the empire and who do cry only for Ethiopian unity (an euphemy to keep the empire with its system of domination), by which they mean amharanized unitary Ethiopia.

- the radical liberation fronts of Oromo people and some other liberation fronts, who do seem to ignore now the possible regional union, but do struggle vehemently for only national independence like for the independent gadaa republic of Oromia, disregarding the possible benefit of a regional union of all nations on the grave of the hitherto empire.

- the momentarily weakened AFD as well as the presently strong Medrek including some other moderate organizations, who seem to struggle for establishing a regional union (Ethiopian union) with the possible national independence (freedom/autonomy) of all nations in the region. I think this was the vision of OLF from the very beginnig to achieve both Oromian independence (national freedom) and if possible, based on the free will of the concerned nations, to forge Ethiopian/the Horn union (regional integration).

I hope the liars in the first group will be compelled to stop their deception. Fortunately those in the second group are seeming to lose their mass base. Those liberators and politicians in the third group need to come to their sense and join the fourth group, for the current momentum is in favour of the fourth group and it is becoming clear that the national Oromian independence and the regional Ethiopian/the Horn union are not exclusive to each other per se. Based on public verdict of the Oromo, the independence of Oromia can be respected within or without the regional union. I do think those fronts and parties with common purpose of national independence within regional union must forge a new all inclusive alliance, not only at home like Medrek, but also in diaspora in order to get rid of the barbaric and fascist neo-nefxenyas.

It is only such clear vision and mission of all nations in the empire which can give birth to the Oromo Obama of the coming true union. As the author on rightly put, there can't be any Oromo Obama to adminster the currently apartheid and enslaving empire. As Mandela adminstered the post apartheid democratic South Africa, and as Obama was elected in the post slavery democratic United States of America, a certain Oromo Obama can emerge and adminster only in a democratic union of independent nations on the grave of the hitherto domination system of the Ethiopian empire. Is the blogger of Addis Neger ready for such union to be build on the grave of the empire? I doubt for he seems to have no place of coginition for the recoginition of Oromia.

So I would like to suggest to Habesha "democrats", who want to instrumentalize Oromo, as they seem to do now regarding Adde Birtukan Midhagsa, to just stop beating around the bush and to recognize the right of Oromia to exist and to be emancipated. If they take such step and be ready for the regional union to be build on the stable rock of an independent democratic Oromia, I am sure not only one Oromo Obama, but hundreds can rise up against any sort of injustice in the region, we call it Ethiopia or the Horn. Let them learn to decolonize (make free from the tyranny of the neo-nefxenyas) the nation-states like Amharia, Tigrai, Afarland, Oromia, Ogadenia and other nations in the empire by being cooperated and coordinated with the freedom fighters of the oppressed nations like OLF and ONLF.

The possible upcoming genuine Oromo Obama is not the one who sings the song of the unitary imiye Ethiopia at the expence of Oromian independence, but the one who struggles for Oromian independence and unity, being open for the regional union which includes all other free nations in the present Ethiopia. Even Adde Birtukan Midhagsa, whom the Habesha elites and the Western powers seem to prepare to play this Obama role can't be accepted and respected by Oromo, when ever she is/will be anti-Oromia. Only when and where she is ready to accomodate and promote both Oromian liberty and Ethiopian/the Horn union, it is possible that she can garner the support of Oromo.

The problem Oromo people do have is not the problem of not giving birth to such Mandela or Obama, but we do have the problem of not seeing any Frederik Willem de Klerk and Helen Suzman from the camp of Habesha elites. Is the blogger who wants to see Oromo Obama a person who can think, talk and walk like Helen Suzman of South Africa? Is there any political leader, who is ready to act like de Klerk, from the side of Habesha elites, who are still the authors and perpetrators of the Abyssinian system of domination? When we do see the de Klerks and the Suzmans from the camp of Habesha elites as well as when the time comes that we do see enough Habesha politicians accepting and respecting the right of Oromia to exist and to be emancipated from the hitherto system of slavery, then it is really Oromai for the tyrannts in Oromia and Ethiopia/the Horn and it will be the time to see the Oromo Obamas coming and growing out of the liberated nation.

Sure is that, be it happen during the coming sham election or thereafter, Oromo people are already determined to say Oromai to the system of domination in Oromia in particular and in the region (Ethiopia/the Horn) in general. All democratic forces and all freedom fighters, who do have such vision and mission should now come together and organize the upcoming potential public uprising in the empire against the fascistic and tyrannical rule of the neo-nefxenyas. It is now evident that the cadres of the neo-nefxenyas are making much noise to persuade the genuine opposition parties like Medrek to boycott the sham election to hinder the possibility of exposing their already programmed vote rigging and to inhibit the chance of initiating the public uprising following the rigging.

I personally recommend not to boycott, but all anti-neo-nefxenya forces to be ready for the possible peaceful public uprising. It is good that Oromo nationalists are now organizing demonstrations in Washingiton and Malbourne/Australia. But this is not enough, there must be similar steps to be taken in the empire after the next vote rigging. All oppressed citizens and nations must rise up and say Oromai to the tyranny by the neo-nefxenyas in Ethiopia in general and in Oromia in particular. FDG (Fincila Diddaa Garbummaa = peaceful uprising against tyranny) must be intensified. Let's all oppressed citizens and nations say together Oromia to the system of domination in Oromia and in Ethiopia/the Horn. I also do like to say Oromai.



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