Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Anti Dictatorship and pro democratic demonstration organized by the Union of Oromo Students in Europe (UOSE) and Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) on 22nd of May 2009 in Brussels was a success. Oromos and Oromo friends across Europe have aired their voice to

* Support the move of Genocide Watch to Bring Meles Zenawi, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, to the ICC (International Criminal Cour)

* Ask the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Right, EU ,UK ,USA and the International Community to initiate an inquiry into the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Ethiopian Government for the past 18 years on power;

* Inform European Union (EU) member states to raise the issue of human rights in Ethiopia specially in Oromiya, to express a collective and public concern at the human rights situation in Ethiopia, and called for the release of all detained political prisoners;

* Called for the Unity of the Ethiopian democratic forces to come together at this juncture to save the public from the bloody hand of the Ethiopian dictator evil strategy of divide and rule.

* Stop the environmental, natural, economical and social disaster of the negligent and unplanned investment in flower, skin, construction…. Which claimed and is clamining the life’s of Oromos and other nation in Ethiopia

The Oromos have long suffered from the irony rule of the Meles Zenawi government according to human right watch, State department, Amnesty International, and other reports.

As part of the demonstration an appeal with briefing documents were submitted to the concerned European Commission, European Council, and UK embassy in Brussels, USA embassy in Brussels and other for their urgent action on the genocidal government of Meles Zenawi.

Peace, Justice and Democracy for All.

Union of Oromo Students in Europe (UOSE)

May 2009


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