Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tesfaye Gebre'ab Exposed TPLF/ EPRDF Crime In His Book "Ye Gaazexanyaawu Maastaaweshaa" Feb 7, '09 3:50 PM

Waayee itaaba kana dubbisuuf, as tuqaa
Dubbisaa! Walii dabarsaa! Kitaabnni kun miidhaa mootummaa bicuun TPLF/EPRDF uummata oromoo irra geessisaa jirtu kan saaxil baasu dha.

"An explosive book by a former TPLF insider

January 22nd, 2009

Tesfaye Gebre-Ab, an Ethiopian journalist and former high-level official with an intimate knowledge of the ruling Tigray People Liberation Front's inner workings, has just written an explosive book entitled "The Journalist's Memoir" that lays bare a great deal of highly sensitive secrets, including the assassinations of some prominent people and the motive behind them. Tesfaye currently lives in exile. The 400-page book is now being circulated in Europe and will soon be available in the U.S. It's an absolute must read book."

Ethiopian Review

"YeGazetegnaw Mastawesha" is Availeble in Europe ,USA & Africa (Europe -

Washington DC (Arrived) - Dama restaurant. Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta: write to Selama distribution at South Africa: Pretoria habesha restaurants. Kenya: Nairobi esilee habesha book shops.
Germany: Kiosk market - Mainzerlandstr.123 - 60327 Frankfurt am main - - Tel.069/24249008 - Fax.069/24249145 - Mob.015205197907 Holand: terry sium tel 0031614291975

London: Dawit 00447908716670

Sweden: Ebony afro cosmoticsbryggergatan 6, 111 22 Stockholm - tel 00468205818 or 468203813
klara Norra kyrkogata 15 - 111 22 Stockholm - tel: 00468103622 - Fittja Centrum - Fittja vagen 3-9 tel. 0046853184648


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