Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Call for Collective Humanitarian Action


The peoples, nations and nationalities in Ethiopia always expected changes and improvements, especially following a regime change. Without going back deep into history, even the most recent replacement of the Dergue regime by the TPLF/EPRDF guerrillas, came with enormous expectations of political and economic freedoms. Unfortunately, that has not happened. If there have been changes that the peoples in Ethiopia have experienced in the last eighteen years, it is only the deepening and worsening of all kinds of crises – social, economic, political, legal, etc. Not only the Ethiopian peoples, but also the whole world, through the eyes of various human rights, humanitarian and development agencies, witnessed extra-judicial killings, kidnappings and disappearances, mass arrests and imprisonments in torturous prison situations, denials and delays of justice, discriminations in resource allocations and implementations, biased educational and development policies, denials of employment and growth opportunities and/or the misuse of such opportunities as coercive political tools, etc.

When analysed, these all point at one core issue both as a cause and an effect – human rights. These all have been consciously designed and systematically executed human rights violations, the results of which have continued to be further violations of human rights.

Consequently, the social crises are becoming deeper and deeper, while the socio-economic gap between the favoured (the politically-affiliated groups and individuals) and the disfavoured is getting wider and wider. For the majority of Ethiopians, life has become unbearable. It has become very difficult even for civil servants, who could be classified as the middle class, to support their families. Some of those favouritisms, discriminations and human rights violations, which are causing such socio-economic crises, are open and policy-based. But, the citizens could in no way express their discontents, dissatisfactions and/or protests, as the system is so suppressive; and if they attempt to do so by crossing the line of suppression, the punishment would be very harsh, as has been witnessed at different times and places in the last eighteen years.

Most of the power abuses, injustices and crimes committed in these regard have been proven by evidences from various local, regional and international sources, particularly from human rights groups and diplomatic agencies. Nevertheless, from among the culprits and the perpetrators, not a single government or party official or institution has been held accountable for what they have committed. The ordinary peoples of various nations and nationalities have been denied political representations, both regional and federal parliaments becoming camouflages built based on revolutionary democracy. As a result, their voices are not being heard, and they have no slightest role in policy and decision-making. The overall situation is very threatening not only to the present but also to the future generation.

What is more, these crises are spilling over to the neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and the Sudan chasing those who flee their country in an attempt to escape the injustices and human rights violations. Places where they are running to for safety and protection are becoming hell to refugees from Ethiopia in general, and to women and children in particular. They are being subjected to crimes such as child labour, human trafficking, and extra-judicial imprisonments (Please, refer for details to HRLHA’s press releases and urgent actions on:

All that we witness from day to day are very far from allowing us to sit back and watch them happening, multiplying and worsening. They are also becoming too much to be handled with a few hands. The very recent news that the chief engineer of these all crimes, PM. Meles Zenawi and his TPLF/EPRDF party are clearing the way for another five-year term in power by itself is a very powerful alarm that those situations are going to continue unabated, or even worsened. That is why we (the very few individuals in the HRLHA) decided to send out this call for action so that those of us who understand and feel the grievances of our brethrens out there could join hands in fighting on behalf of the voiceless, the defenceless and the powerless.

What HRLHA has witnessed in the last thirteen years is that fighting against human rights violations in countries like Ethiopia is not just a mere advocacy. It is a job of saving threatened and endangered lives of the innocent. Not only that the job is so big and demanding. The extreme suppression, denials of access to sources of information and of the right to exchange information, above all, the silencing of civil society organizations, human rights groups and press agencies in particular by the recently issued Civil Society law, make the activities of monitoring, detecting, investigating and reporting on human rights violations extremely difficult.

For the last two years, since it was re-launched from Diaspora in June 2007, HRLHA operated with volunteer resources. All its personnel in its main office in Toronto, Canada and its reporters in different countries in the Horn have never been paid. They have never asked even for the refund of what they spent for communication, transportation and other related purposes. Except for the very little amount of money contributed by its very few members, HRLHA didn’t receive any financial support from any source in the last two years. But, as everyone has their own personal and family lives to look after, it has become difficult for the HRLHA to pressurize its volunteers to continue to sacrifice. It has also become difficult to recruit other volunteers. Even if it is easy to recruit, it has not been easy to delegate to volunteering manpower as much duties and responsibilities as the job requires. Indeed, most of these volunteers are individuals in exile. The only difference among them is that some have resettled, while some are still on the road with their fates in the hands of a third party (we mean refugees from Ethiopia who are still in the neighbouring Horn of African countries, and who are collaborating with HRLHA).

A Bit about HRLHA

Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) was formed in June 2007 in Toronto, Canada by exiled members of a human rights organization called Human Rights League (HRL), originally from Ethiopia.

The Human Rights League (HRL), on the other hand, was founded in December 1996 in Addis Ababa/Finfinne, Ethiopia by nationalist Oromos and others from all walks of life. The idea of forming HRL was conceived in URJII newspaper’s office. It was a non-governmental organization established with the aim of not only monitoring the observances of the nationally, regionally and internationally recognized human rights laws, declarations, covenants, and treaties but also promoting them in that country. Although HRL existed only for ten months, it managed to attract hundreds of members and mobilize thousands of supporters, and soon won international attention.

Unfortunately, after ten months of its formation and operation - in 1997, the board members and the executive committee members of the League, including its secretary general, were arrested and sent to prison, its office was ransacked, documents and computers were confiscated and, finally, the office was shut down. Its president, who was on international tour at that moment, remained in exile; later to join his comrades in re-launching HRL from Diaspora.

Those human rights activists faced all kinds of human rights abuses in prison for almost four years, only to eventually be acquitted, as they were all innocent people imprisoned wrongfully.

The Need for HRLHA

Countries in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia and its neighboring countries, have become homes of widespread human rights violations. The reasons for the abuses are either political, religious, ethnic, gender or all. Even those of the victims who have already fled their homes and homelands as a result of those human rights violations, and ended up in one of the neighboring countries, could not have a safe and secured life as refugees. Because, they are chased after and, in some cases, arrested, sent back and face further persecutions. In the worst cases, they would be killed in the country where they resided. Good cases in point are a mass murder in Bossaso (Puntland, Somalia) in which 65 Oromo refugees were murdered and more than 100 others were injured in February, 2008, and the assassination of two former university students - Endalkachew Teshome and Meles (a Sidama refuge whose father’s name was not know) by Ethiopian security agents in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2007. In this regard, the governments in those countries, especially those who are friendly with each other, cooperate and conspire against refugees. Even those of refugees who managed to avoid the arrests and deportations still face a lot of problems relating to their refugee lives mainly due to lack of adequate knowledge of their rights and responsibilities as a refugee.

Female refugees in particular are the major victims of such problems. In addition to what they share with other fellow refugees, they are exposed to gender, religious and cultural humiliations as well as rape. Actually, such socio-cultural, religious and gender problems were some of what forced them, in the first place, to flee their homelands. These and other similar issues are what necessitated the re-launching of HRL as HRLHA.

HRLHA’s Accomplishments and Their Impacts

In spite of its multiple problems, HRLHA has done a remarkable job in the past two years. It has attempted a lot to cover and bring to light the human rights violations in the Horn of Africa with very limited human and financial resources obtained from its members. It has published and disseminated press releases and urgent actions on torturing, kidnapping, killings, and abductions committed against Oromos and other citizens by government security forces in Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan, Puntland and Somaliland. It has also traced, investigated and reported on deportations and attempts of deportations of refugees by host governments; and in some cases avoided and/or delayed the deportations. Some of HRLHA’s accomplishments and their outcomes in the past two years are listed below:


Ø Twenty human right abuses were investigated and reported as press releases;

Ø Six urgent actions and one special report (voice of the voiceless from behind the bar) were issued and disseminated;

Ø Research paper under the title “Voice against torture-the case of Ethiopia” was presented at an international conference organized by Torture Abolish Survivors and Service Coalition (TASSC) on June 26, 2009;

Ø Letters of support were issued for refugee claimants whose case were delayed or denied (those reported before by HRLHA).

The Effects of the Reports:

Ø Refugee prisoners were released (from prisons in Djibouti, Sudan and Yemen),

Ø Refugee deportations were delayed (in Sudan and in Djibouti),

Ø Rejected refugee claims were reconsidered,

Ø Managed to attract other (international) human rights groups such as Haman Rights Watch to some relatively complicated issues (e.g. one case in Yemen) so that extra actions could be taken.

We would like to bring to everyone’s attention that all those works were accomplished by volunteered HRLHA staff members in Diaspora and reporters back home as well as in neighbouring countries. HRLHA would like to express its deepest appreciations for their invaluable efforts; and say thank you on behalf of the targeted peoples.

Our Future Plan

In order to effectively and adequately fight the ever worsening deepening human rights violations in Ethiopia and other Horn of African countries, HRLHA has a plan to:

Ø Build its capacity to be more operational and competent

Ø Continue monitoring, detecting, investigating, verifying and reporting on human rights violations against Oromos and other people in the Horn of Africa, and communicating the reports to concerned national, regional, international human rights organizations and others

Ø And, to this effect, open branch offices in the Horn of Africa Countries, priorities being Uganda and Kenya.

We would like to remind each other one more time that this job is too big and too heavy to be handled with a few hands. And we all understand that the peoples back home, on behalf of whom we are fighting, are in no position, particularly politically and economically, to do a lot. That is why HRLHA is turning its face towards those of us who are in Diaspora, who are free to act and react, and who are in a relatively better socio-economic and political situations to participate in saving threatened lives. This is the collective job to be executed collectively; but participations could be personal and in different ways. HRLHA is looking for support, financially or in kind, from organizations and individuals.

For those of us who are willing and ready to participate, let’s thank each other for joining hands for such a common goal of fighting for and defending human rights in order to save threatened human lives.

Date 28/10/2009

Mr. José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission.

Mr. Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of European Parliament

Mr. Herman Achille Van Rompuy, Prime Minster of Belgium

Mr. Yves Leterme, Foreign Minster of Belgium

Ms. Annemie Turtelboom , Belgium Minister of Internal affairs

Members of European Parliament , Brussels

International Criminal court of Justice, The Hague

Your Excellencies

I am writing to bring to you attention the irresponsible act of the Belgian government in hosting the dictator Meles Zenawi here in Belgium as of 24th of October in – St. Lucas Hospital in Brussels. On behalf of the 86 Million Oromo and other Ethiopian nations, who are suffering under brutal and dictatorial regime of Meles Zenawi, we condemn this act of soft diplomacy and relationship.

This man have killed 10th of thousands of innocent Oromo’s and other nations in Ethiopia . Meles is much more brutal than Omar Al Bashir of Sudan , Sadam Hussein of Iraq and Milosevic of Yugoslavia and Idi Amin Dada of Uganda . The difference is he want to play different card at different time to show as if he is western friendly. He is the most silent killer ever. While we expect him in the Hague , we found out that he is being treated by the doctors of the Royal King, here in Brussels , city of the major European power and human right excellence. This will definitely discourage the struggle for justice and democratic reformation in Africa and else where.

Due to the same person’s act, thousands are suffering in the refugee camps and streets in Europe and all over the world, but he is getting the favor of the democratic nations to enjoy the luxury treatment. What is most upsetting is, millions of Ethiopians are languishing due to lack of medicine and medical care just while we are typing this text.

Last August he was in this hospital for 5 days. Now he come back with 5 body guards with his special advisor, doctor, and food tester ; generally they are 8 gangsters. We protest and firmly oppose this action of Belgian government for such kind of civilian killer, mastermind of state led terrorism, dictator and corrupted gangster. It is also against the good name of Belgium in particular and the West in general.

Today in Ethiopia , there is neither democracy, nor the rule of law. Human rights violations have reached unprecedented level. Even though all peoples in Ethiopia are subjected to harassment, repression, intimidation, and inhuman treatment, it won’t be exaggeration if I say the Oromo’s are suffering the most under the EPRDF regime.

To substantiate this generalization I would like to mention only some of the horrible act of Meles Zenawi government :

Ø Innocent Oromo individuals are being killed in cold blood and denied the honor to get normal burial, some of the dead are left in the forest for hyenas and wild beasts to feast on them. This is what happened in Ciro town in Western Hararge two years ago- the Gara Suufi massacre.

Ø Oromo students who staged for peace protests against the injustice being committed against their people were beaten severely, denied their graduation certificate, dismissed from school and shot dead in school compound; for no crime committed.

Ø There are more than 35, 000 Oromo political prisoners in Ethiopia, most of them were tortured, shot dead or disabled forever in the same prisons

Ø Oromo intellectuals, business men, farmers and civil servants are detained, tortured and humiliated in a way which can be related to systematic eradication of this big nation.

Ø The most shocking tragedy of this regime is that, elected parliamentarians and members of other political parties were subjected to executions and other acts of inhumane treatment. For instance; Mr Adane was an elected member of the Ethiopian parliament representing the Oromo Peoples Congress Party (OPC). A week after the election of may 2005 a police shot and killed Mr Adane in Arsi Negele town.

Ø Oromo refugees in Somali , Sudan , Yemen and Kenya , are under unprecedented suffering after fleeing their land, deported in contrary to international convention, and persecuted for the last 18 years of TPLF regime.

Ø As a way to stay on power, the TPLF regime is putting different ethnic groups against each others almost everywhere in Ethiopia , a land known by tolerance and coexistence for centuries is getting the vise-versal reality

These are few examples of the human rights violation being committed against Oromo and other Ethiopian nations.

Therefore we kindly request you honorable office to up loud our genuine opposition and protest, so as to foster human right value and democratic transformation in Ethiopia .

In the mean time, we would like to draw your attention in support to the call of Genocide watch declaration to bring Meles Zenawi, to the Hague based international Criminal Court of Justice.

With Kindest regards

Getachew Jigi Demekssa ( Dr.)

Chairman of Oromo Parliamentarians Council


Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ergaa torban kanaa

Monday, October 19, 2009

Minneapolis lauches IRV education campaign for Nov. 3 elections

By Scott Goldberg

MINNEAPOLIS -- The city of Minneapolis has launched an effort to educate voters about instant runoff voting, a new system for electing citywide candidates that will be used for the first time in just two weeks.

Between now and Election Day, Nov. 3, the city is holding a series of public meetings to explain IRV, which also is known as "ranked choice" voting.

At the first such meeting Monday night, voter Arfasse Oromiyaa said she thought the new system, in which voters rank their preferences among candidates instead of voting for just one, might help avoid messy situations like last year's Senate recount.

"(After) all the fiasco with the latest election, I think it might be an option," she said.

With IRV, a voter can vote for up to three candidates by filling in ovals next to his or her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for each office. The 2nd and 3rd choice votes come into play only if no candidate wins enough 1st place votes to be elected outright.

The system only will be used for municipal elections, i.e., mayor, city council, park board and board of estimate and taxation. Minneapolis is the only city in the state using the system, which was approved by voters three years ago. Saint Paul voters will consider switching to IRV next month.

"We're still in the process of getting the word out," said Mike Dean, who was leading the voter education meeting Monday night in Northeast Minneapolis.

He said voters who still aren't familiar with IRV on Election Day will get quick tutorials from election judges at the polling place.

"Each person is actually going to get kind of a personalized training when they come in and vote," he said.

Those lessons could prove to be quite helpful if the public meetings don't become more popular. On Monday night, Arfasse Oromiyaa was the only voter in the room who showed up to listen to Dean's lesson.

After hearing him explain IRV, Oromiyaa said the system was relatively easy to understand.

"With explanation, people will get it," she said.

There will be 14 more of these meetings between now and Nov. 3.

Click here for more information including meeting dates and times. You can also call 311.


Monday, October 12, 2009



Wal gain kun akkuma aadaa Oromootti eebba maanguddoon eegalamee. Itti aanuun Faaruu Alaabaa ABO itti fufee hirmaatottaan faarfatameera.

Itti aasuun MGS dubbi himaan ABO J/DR Bayyaan Asoobaa Wal ga`ii sirnaan bananiiru.

Itti Aansuun Hayyuu Oromoo Peroofeeser Asaffaa Jaallataa Keessummaa kabajaa ta`anii wal ga`ii kana irraatti afeeramaanii dhiyaataniiru.

Wal ga`ii kana irraatti MABO fi dergertootni ABO ,akkasumas Bakka fageenya fagoo irra amna dheeraa deemanii dhufanii kan wal gal ga`ii kana irraatti qooda fudhatani Sabboontotni ilmaan Oromoo Kutaa Kanaadaa Konyaa Saskaachuun,Giraandi- Pereree,Buruksii,Kalgaarii fi Edmeenten irraa bayyenaan walittu dhufuun Walga`ii kana uffataa aadaa oromoo miidhagaa fi simbo qabsee ta`een kuulamanii irraattii bal`inaan qooda fudhataniiru.

Akkasumas Firoottan QBO fi firoottan Oromoo fi Ollaa Oromiyaa ta`an bakka Bu`aa sochii Biyyoolessa Ogaaden/ONLF/,Bakka bu`ootaa Komintii Eriteraa, saboota Bicuu fi kanneen qubtumaan Oromiyaa keessa jiraatan keessaa Kan akka Komuniitii Itiyoophiyaa fi kaneen Sirna Mootummaa Wayyaanee morman jaarmiyaa addaa addaa kan irratti irraamatee wal ga`iin kun haala bareedaa fi marii jajjabduu dhimma QBSO,dhimma Sirrna bulchiinsa mootummaa Itiyoophiya/Wayyaanee/haalaa rakkoo Gpdina gaanfa Afirikaa fi nagaa fi tasgabbii fiduu akkasumas nagaa fi diimokiraasii ,mirga sabaa fi sab-lammoota Impaayera Itoophiyaa keessaa jiranii fi kanneen qubutumaan Oromiyaa keessa jiraniirratti kan mariyachiisee ,akkasumas kanneen Mootummaa Itiyoophiyaa Wayyaanee waliin mormanii waliin akkamiin bifa gamtaan Diina waloon qabanu irratti gamtaan Hojii siyaasaa fi jaarmiyaa waliin hojjennee Qabsoo gamtaa goonee waliin Mootummaa Wayyaanee sirna gadaa bittaa isaa sabootaa cunqurfamoo irraatti miidhaa gara malee, hidhaa fi ajjeechaa daangaa hin qabne geessesaa jiru dhaabuu n nagaa waaraa ta`ee fi tasagabbii akkasumas Biyyaattii sana keessaatti ummatni beelaa fi dhukkubaan dhumaa jiru dandamachiisuu fi Diimakiraasii haqaa fi dhugaa biyya sana keessattii fiduun danda`amaa?

irraatti marii gamtaa geggeeffameera.

Wal ga`ii kana irraatti Hayyuun Oromoo Proofeesseri Asaffaa Jaallataa Midhaa fi dararamaa sanyii balleesuu fi dhabamsiisuunf Mootummaan Wayyaanee Saba Oromoo, Ogaaden irratti raawwataa turee fi itti jiru qabatamaan waan Suuraa fi Viidiyoon wal qabsiisee manaaf ibseera.

Walumaa galatti Mootummaan wayyanee Kan Olaantummaa saba Bicuu/ ilmaan Tigiraayiin durfamaa jiru kan Sirna bulchiinsa isaa mormuu fi mirgi dhala namaa akka kabajamuuf isa gaagaafatee fi diimokiraasiin dhugaa biyyaattiitti akka mul`atu gaafatan ati ilaacha mormitootaa qabda dhaaba siyaasaa ABOdeggerta. Ogaaden /ONLF/ dgertaan dabrees kan ilaama Tigiraayiirraa afan kamiyyu mootummaa wayyaaneen cunqurfamaa jiru. Hidhamaa fi ajjeefamaa, kaan biyyaa hariyatamaa jiru.

Qaabeenyii dhuunfaa fi daldallii ,akkasuams Olaantumamn aangoo harka gosa tokkoo/Ilmaan tigiryiitti galee jira. Heerii fi seerri sirnaa fi murtiin haqaa hin jirree keessaati haqaa fid hugaan hojjechuf nagaan jiraachuun hin danda`aamne.

Kanaaf mootummaan kun mootummaa mirga sabaa fi sablamotaa eegee fi tiksee sirna bulchiisaa gaariif I qajeelaa ta`e n wal qixxummaan biyya sana bulchaa hin jiru.

Keessumaa amma yeroo ammaa Akkataan sirni bulchiinsa Mootummaa Itiyoophiyaa/Wayyaanee Tigiraay geggeessa jiru kan duraaniirraa gara fuula duraatti haalaan sodhaachisaa fi dukkanaa`aa kan ta`e ta`uu isaa jala muranii manaaf ibsaniiru.

Kanaaf ani sodaan ani qabuu fi Itiyoophiyaan gara fuula duraatti maal ta`uuf deemtii?

Jechuun sodaa qaban akka fakeenyaatti sadii 03/ lafa kaa`aniiru.

Itiyoophiyaan amma akka Wayyaaneen itti jiru kanatti,

1/Ruwaandaa YKN, 2/ Yuguzilaaviyaa ykn 3/Aferikaa Kibbaa ta`uun ishee waan hin mamsiifne jechuun Sodaa qaban afaan guuttachuun hirmaattota koraaf ibsaniiru.

Ani garuu jedhan,< Pro.Asaffaan akka jedhanittii Hawwii fi fedhiin kiyyaa Itiyoophiyyaan Afirikaa Kibbaa akka taatu> hawwuu fi fedhii qabu jechuun yaadaa isaanii ibsataniiru.

Itti Dabaluun Por.Asaffaa Jaallataa hawaasaa Oromoof barnootaa waayee Oromoo fi Oromummaa, akkamii fi haala kamiin sabboonummaa fi Orommumaan saba Oromoo keessaatti dagaaguu fi damboobuu danda`aa ?irraattii seenaa jalqabaa ykn bu`uureffamuu ABO bara 19 70 Irraa kaasee Hayyootaa fi gootota Qabsaawota Ilmaan Oromoo! Bilisummaa saba isaanii fi walabummaa biyya isaaniif jecha lubbuu isaanii wareeganii dabran fakkeenya kaasee maqaa goototaa tarreessuun dubbateera.

Ilmaan Oromoo sirna gita bittaa mootumma Habashaa gabrolofataa kana ofirraa dabrinee bilisummaa keenya gonfannee mirga abbaa biyyummaa keenya kabachifannee Addnuyyaan qixa buluuf,

1/Ilmaan Oromoo bakka jirruu misaan utuu adda hin fo`amiin Jaarmiyaa kenya caasaa ABO jaltti cimsachuu fi jabaafachuun ijaaramnee ijaaruun gurmuu fi tokkummaa saba keenyaa itichinee QFDG tti akka dirmannu dhaamaniiru.

2/Qabsoon fincila diddaa gabrummaa/QFDG/ akka jabaatuu fi QB tokko kan fiixa ba`uu qabu Sabni tokko yoo jabaatee hojjetee fi jaarmiyaa cimaa fi ititaa ta`een ijaaramee hidda jaarmiyaa isaa gadi fageeffatee ta`uu jala murani I ibsaniiru.

3/MABO,Degertootaa ABO fi sabbootota Oromoo maraaf jaarmiyaa cimsaa! Gurmuu fi tokkummaa saba keessanii bakka jirutti tiksaa, Firaa fi diina keessan adda baafadhaa dursaa hubadhaa!Oromoo fi Oromommaa keessanirraatti Mirga keessanirraatti falmii godhaatii wareegamaa itti kaffalaa Tumsaa fi degersa ABOf qabdan gumaacha godhaa turtanii ciminaan nuffii fi fiannaa tokko malee hanga gabruma jalaa baanuti dirqama dhalootaa Oromummaa keenyaa ba`uu qabna jedhaniiru. < Wareegama hanga Lubbuutti itti >kaffaluu qabna! Jedhaniiru.

Hoggana ABO J/DR.bayyaan Dhimma QBO fi haala rakkoo mootummaan wayyaanee uumaa jiru keessaatti gaanfa Afirikaa irraatti nagaa wayyaaneen booressaa jiru irratti ibsa bal`aa kennaniiru.

Akkasumas bakka bu`aan ONLF/ hariiroo gamtaa qabsoo ABO fi ONLF jiduu hariiroon jiru kan turee fi cimee sadarkaa kana irra ga`e eta`uu isaa manaaf ibsaniin Mootummaa Gabroofataa Ummataa Ogaadenii fi saba Oromoo/namoota bilisummaa saba isaaniif dhaabbatanii fi qabsaa`ani, sabootaa mirga a fi walabummaa biyya isaanii gaafatan ajjeessaa fi hidhaa jiraachuu isaa ibsee gochaa Mootummaa wayyaanee kana cimsee balaaleffachuun Mootummaan Wayyaanee hanga jigee barbada`uu fi sirni bulchiinsa Maqaa Itiyoophiyaan diriiree hanga jirutti Qabsoon ONLF ciimee itti fufa. Hanga Mallas Aangoo irra jirutti nagaan gaanfa Afirikaatti bu`uu akka hin dandeeyne ibseera.

Sirni bulchiinsa Itiyiiphiya diigamuu qaba jedheera.

Hariiroon Tokkummaa saba Oromoo fi Ogaaden kan qabsoo siyaasaa, Hawaasummaa cimee itti fufa jedheera.

Bakka bu`aan ogaadan Saba guddaa akka saba Oromoo Ollummaan qabaachuu keenya nuti isiniin boonna. Jedheera.

Dhaabille saiayasaa Mootummaa Mallas Zeenaawiin morman kamii waliin qabsoo qindeeffannee waliin hojjechuuf yoomuu qophii dha jedheera.

Akkasumas isa jalqabaa fi xumuuraaf qbsoon Biyyoolessa Ogaaden/ONLF/ akeekaa fi kaayyoon Qabsoo keenyaa hanga Mirga hiree isa murteeffachuu Ummata ogaadenitti jedheera.

Sadrkaan qasoon ONLF irra jirtuu fi geesses bali`naan ibseera.

Gaaffii fi deebii mana keessaa ABO fi Pro.Asaff aaf dhiyaate, Akkasumas bakka bu`aa ONLFfis dhiyaatee kessaa,

1?Bakka bu`ootni Kominiitii Itiyoophiyaa ABO maali fidaanii nuuf dhuftanii fi furmaatni amma gara fuula duraatti jiru ykn sagantaan ABO sabaa fi sablamoota Oromiyaa/Itiyoophiyaa keessa jiraniif qabumaali? Jedhanii gaafataniif.

Deebii: J/DR. Bayyaan ABO yoomiyyuu jalqaba irraa kaasee akeekaa fi galii siyaasaa isaa ejjennoo inni qabu mirgaa saboota bicuu Oromiyaa keessa Jiranii fi Ollaa Oromiyaa jiraataa turanii fi jiraataniif, Mirga nama tokkee irraa kaasee hanga gamtaa/waloottii nitiksa. Ni kunuunsa jedheera. Kunammoo mirga jiraachu fi hojjechu, amantii kan nama tokkee fi gamaa jedheera.

Waliin jiraachuuf I akkamitti waliin jiraannaa irratti ammoo, ABOs ta`e Ummatni Oromos yoomiyyu nama irraa rakkoo hin qabu. Saba kamii fi biyya kamirraayyuu jibbiisa hin qabu. Garuu gaaffiin saba Oromoo gaaffii mirgaati. Gaaffii abba biyyummaati.

Kanaaf ABO Bakka bu`aa saba Oromooti! Kanaaf ammoo gaaffii saba isaa bakkan ga`uu fi walbummaa Oromiyaa mirkaneessuuf I tiksuu dha.

Kanaaf waliin jiraachuuf I waliin hojjechuu irratti nuti/ABO sirna Imyaaera Itiyoophiyyaa jijjiiruu fi Mirga sabaa fi sablamootaa walqixa kabajamuu fi eegamuu qabaa dha.

Kominiitii Itiyoophiyaa kan bakka buutanii dhuftan Biyyittiin gara badinsaa fi diigamuutti deema ajirti Biyya diiguuf deemtuu jechuu fi sodaachuu/birruu kanaa irraa kan biyyattii baraaruu jettanii,kanatuu furmaataa Jettanii yaada haraaraa fi furmaataa /Hiikkaa ta`a jettanii kan yaaddanii maal yaadaa qabduu fi dhiyeessuu dandeessuu? Ykn qabattanii dhufatanoo? jechuun gaaffii gaaffiin akeekeeraaf.? Gara fuula duarattoo yaadni isin qabdan jiraa jedhee gaafateera? Ummatni Oromoo fi Sabni Amaaraa Imyaara Itiiphiyaa keessa gurmuun guddaa dha. Ammoo hanga ammaatti laafinaa fi wal dura dhaabbachuu/Sodaa fi shakkii QBSO irraa qabdaniin mootummaa Gabrooffataa wayyaane tumsuuf I waliin hojjechuun Oromoo irraattii duuluudhaabadanii shakkoo dhiifatanii qabsoo ifaa fi akeekaa qabatamaa fi galii ifa ta`e tokko qabattanii asi baatanii waliin hojjennaa jennaan ABO yoomuu qophii ta`uu isaa ibsera.

2/ABO maaliif biyyaatti galee ykn mootummaa wayyaanee waliin wal dubbatee< FILMAATA GODHEE NAMNI TOKKO SAGALEE TOKKO, SAGALEEN TOKKO NAMA TOKKOOF> kan jedhu fudhatee maaliif biyya hin seenuu Akkasiin nagaa buusuu fi furmaataa fiduun hindanda`aamuu?

Jedhanii gaaffii namoota miti Oromoo ta`aniin/Kominiitii Itiiyoophiyyaa irraaa dhiyaateef?

DEEBII.J/DR.Bayyaan kennan Gaaffiin ABO inni duraayyu sanuma. Mirgi filuu fi filamuu, carraan waayee kee ati dubbatadhu Oromoo, kan siif ta`u ati filadhuu fi Filmaan haqaa fi dhugaan karaa diimokiraatawaa ta`een loogii tokko malee akka geggeeffamuu ykn haalli kun akka aanja`u kan jedhu gaafataa ture. Garuu Mootummaan Wayyaanee kan aangaa harkaa qabu Qawween ummata Hacuucaa jiru Filmaata ofii filee, ofii filamuu, ofumaa uumee ofumaa xumuuruu kun dha ra uumee waraqaan malee kan dhugaan hin jirre ta`u Kana firaa fi diinni/Addunyaanuu dharaa wayyaanee kana hubatee itti dammaqaniiru. Kanaaf Filmaattni Wayyaanee bara 2005 ragaa guddaa dha. Akka filmaanni dhugaa fi haqaa biyya sana keessaatti hin geggeeffamiinii fi geggeeffamuu hin ddandeenyi Namni kamuu hubateera.

Kanaf gaaffiin ummata Oromoo fi Qabsoon sabootaa Cumqurfamoo gaaffii mirgaa fi diimokiraasii haqaa fi dhugaan biyyattii keessatti akka mul`atuu fi kabajamtudha.

Kaanaf ammo mootummaan Mallasaa aangoo humnaan qabatee Qawween biyya bulchu karaa naaga fi diimokiraasiin gaaffii sabaa fi sablammootaa deebisuurraa namootaa hiriiraa naaga ba`aanii gaaffii mirgaa gaafatani barattoota Oromoo kumma fi kitilaan lakkaawaman rasaasa itti roobsee, mana barumsa boombiin barbadeessee barattootaa meeqa reeffa walirraa tuuleera. Maanguddoo fi hawwan , Dargaggoo fi shammarran , walistootaa Oromoo meeqaa fi meeqatama ajjeesee bosona keessaatti reeffa gatee irbaata Allaatii fi Waraabessaa godheera.

Kanaaf namootas ta`e jaarmiyaan mootummaa akksiif falmuu fi baamsuu yoomiyyu diinota saba Oromoo fi Gufuu QBSO ta`uu isaanii ammo yoomuu addeessinee itti himna.


Xumuura irraatti gaaffii mana akeessa ka`ee fi yaadaaa fi mormii dhiyaatee irraatti ibsi bal`aa fi deebiin gaa`aan erga kennameen duubatti hirmattotni wal ga`ii deebii gaa`aa argatanii itti quufuun yaadaa gammachuu fi hubannoo argatanirraatti yaadaa gamachu ibsachuun wal ga`ii keenya sirnaan xumuurreerra,

J/DR.Bayyanis yoomuu taanaan ABO kan diimokiraasii haqaa fi dhugaaf dhaabbatanii fi mirga dhala namaa kan wal qixxummaaf qabsaawan kamii waliin waliin hojjechuuf ABO qophii ta`uu isaa ibsee, Mirga hiree murteeffannaa sabootaa ammoo haalduree tokko malee kabajamuu akka qabuu fi ABOn akeekni qabsoo isaa kana ta`uus addeesseerraf.

Guyyaa wall ga`iin keenyaa bifa kaana xumuurannee galgala Walsitootaa Oromoo bebeekamoo fi jaallatamoo kan akka Elemoo Alii, Callaa Carcar, Amartiii Waarii fi Habtaamuu Lamuu/Lataakoo/ waliin Hawaasni Ormoo bashannaan bule.

Jalqaba irraa hanga Xumuuraatti Adumsa wal ga`ii guyyaa fi alkan guutuu Ahaasa Oromoo mal`aaf kallattiin/karaa sararaa paaltookiin dabraa tureere. Hawasa Oromoos gammachiifneerra.

Gadaan Gadaa Bilisumamati!



Thursday, October 08, 2009

Waamicha Seminara Tokkummaa Barattota Oromoo Jarmanii (TBOJ)


1. Hawaasa (Gamtaa) Oromoo Frankfurt

2. Hawaasa Oromoo Munschin

3. Hawaasa Oromoo Dusseldorf

4. Hawaasa Oromoo Barlin

5. Waldaa Dubartootaa (Oromtitti) Frankfurt

Irraa: Koree qindeesituu seminara tokkummaa barattoota Oromoo Jarmanii (TBOJ)

Nagaan waaqayyoo hunda haa dursu.

TBOJ kora 33ffaa sababeefachuun sagantaa seeminaraa Guyyaa gaafa Onkoololessa (October) 31 (Sanbata-duraa) bara 2009 Waaree booda saatii 14:00 irraa jalqabee magalaa Frankfurt, Johann Wolfgang Univert�t (Mertonstr 26 -28) geggessuuf qindessaa jira.

Seminaarri kun mata-durooti armaan gadii sadan (3) xiyyefata.

1. Ibsa haala qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo yeroo ammaa ABO dhaan geggefamaa jiru

2. Qoda barattota Oromoo addemsa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo kessa itti fi

3. Marii waligalaa kanneen ijaarsoota Oromoo biyya Jarmanii ilaalan

Kanaafuu marii haala seminaraan qopheesine kana irra itti argamuun akka qooda fudhattaniif kabajaan isin afeerra.

Injifatnoon ummata Oromoof!

Koree hojii geggesitu TBOJ

Frankfurt , Jarmanii

Fulbaana 30 bara 2009

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Democracy And Development Hindered In Ethiopia-The Oromo Factor! (Fayyis Oromia)

Democracy And Development Hindered In Ethiopia-The Oromo Factor!
Fayyis Oromia

Ethiopia, "the ancient country with the history of 3000 years", is one of the least democratic and least developed countries in the world! Why? We can count a lot of factors like climate, colonialism, ignorance, arrogance, general public oppression and lack of freedom for individual citizens. But all other nations who are now democratic and well developed have either tacled such problems or they are developed despite these problems. What is unique about the empire Ethiopia? Let me put my own take of the situation as follows.

Democracy is a system of government in which either the actual governing is carried out by the people governed (direct democracy), or the power to do so is granted by them (as in representative democracy). In political theory, democracy describes a small number of related forms of government and also a political philosophy. Even though there is no specific, universally accepted definition of 'democracy', there are two principles that any definition of democracy includes, equality and freedom. These principles are reflected by all citizens being equal before the law, and having equal access to power.Additionally, all citizens are able to enjoy legitimized freedoms and liberties, which are usually protected by a constitution. The "majority rule" is often described as a characteristic feature of democracy, but without responsible government or constitutional protections of individual liberties from democratic power it is possible for dissenting individuals to be oppressed by the "tyranny of the majority".

Economic development refers to increases in the standard of living of a nation's population associated with sustained growth from a simple, low-income economy to a modern, high-income economy. Its scope includes the process and policies by which a nation improves the economic, political, and social well-being of its people.

In the above both senses, the Ethiopian empire is at the tail of the inernational community. I think the main factor for this laging behind all nations is the national oppression of the great Oromo nation as a majority nation, which had to endure the assimilation, subjugation, invasion, exploitation...etc in the last 3000 years history of the region. Other multinational states in the world either do have "majority rule", be it democratically or dictatorially, otherwise they did disintegrate. Ethiopia is one of the very few countries where the majority nation is still feared to rule and reduced to political minority.

Nowadays almost all historians except Abesha Debteras do agree that Oromo is the indigenous nation who lived south of Egypt for more than 5000 years. It was the expansion and invasion of the Middle-east semetics in the last three tausand years, the destruction of Meroe by the Axume empire, the islamization of the region and the European occupation of the area in the process of colonization, which reduced Oromo to its present national area.

It is almost becoming clear that the other cushitic nations in the region are the differentiation from this original nation called Oromo, so are the Beja, Agew, Afar, Somali, Sidama, Hadiya, Kambata...etc including even the semetized ones like Tigre, Tigaru, Amhara, Gurage, Harari ...etc emerged from Oromo. It seems that some are more christanized and semetized, whereas others are more islamized and arabanized. Oromo proper is the one which tried to preserve its original language and previous religion despite the exposure and presure from the Middle-east and Europe. Even though many of the above branches of the nation and even some of the Oromo proper have accepted the religions from the Middle-east, the essence of Waaqeeffannaa (the previous belief system of the nation) is preserved and even practiced in the over taken religions. That is why we do see a lot of elements of Waaqeeffannaa in the religious practices of the Orthodox, Protestant and Islam Oromo groups. A classical example is the religious practice of the last King Hailesilassie (he is 3/4th Oromo), who overtly claimed to be a believer of Orthodox christianity, has used to celebrate Irreechaa yearly at Hora-Arsadi. Of course this practice of him has been defamed as a "sacrifies to Qorix" by the evil intended Abeshas.

The actual problem is specially the fact that the christianized and semetized ones aka the Abeshas look at them selves as if they are different from their origin and they oppress the preserved Oromo proper and other nations by using the chance they got in a form of help from the "christian" Western countries. This oppression and subjugation is still going on. By the way now it is clear that, despite their seemingly common origin, each national group of the region has got a separate identity with its own language and way of life. So when I do refer to Oromo in this article, I do mean the national group now identifying its self with Afaan Oromo and with the related way of life. Oromo people fought and ressisted this influence from the Middle-east and from the West continously. Actually it is the Oromo resistance which could limit these forces from influencing the empire further. We now look at the Abyssinians as the most influenced part of our differentiated Cush body. Time and again they have been instrumentalized by Arabs and Europeans to conquer and oppress Oromo. The current instrument of these foreign influence is Weyane and its Tigrean base.

Let me now concentrate on the chance the Abesha (actually the word meanse the mixed and the confused) got to oppress Oromo and why they fear to lose this power to Oromo. Since the time that Abeshas identified them selves with Jews (remember the expression "lion of Juda"), they had to fight against Oromo proper who preserved its identity including its language and religion. After they could subjugate Oromo, they always tried to hinder that they lose power to this big nation. They did every thing possible with the help of their aid from Western christians to suppress Oromo. It was this conflict between the Abesha and the Oromo which hitherto hindered any sort of democratization as well as development of the empire. True and genuine democratization in the empire meanse Oromo taking power for it is the majority group. Abeshas do every thing under the sun to hinder this posibility, so that there will never be a democracy as far as Abeshas in general and Weyane in particular are in power.

Of course without democracy and freedom of Oromo nation and other oppressed nations, the conflict will continue and the developement we actually wish to see will not be materalized. It surprises me some times when I read some Oromo nationalists accusing the other Oromo groups with the allegation that they opted for "democratization of Ethiopia" instead of "liberation of Oromia". Actually democratization of Ethiopia is one of the meanses to liberation of Oromia. Abesha politicains know this very well and that is why they never allow it happen. The only option left for Oromo to be liberated is actually armed struggle. No illusion! There will never be democratization and development of Ethiopia as long as Oromia is under Weyane or under other Abesha looting and lording forces!

Oromo who resisted both the Middle-east and Western influences including the battle of Adwa, in which most Tegarus were acting as banda, whereas a lot of Oromo individuals fought against the invaders, will continue our resistance till Oromia will be free from the subjugators. My advice for Abeshas is, instead of crying about a lack of democracy and development, they better look at this main factor of the inhibition and support the well preserved Oromo to be free. Then they even can them selves be free to enjoy democracy and development in Abyssinia as a very good neighbour for a democratic and well developed Oromia. Other wise we all will continue to hinder each other and live under both tyranny and poverty, which are the two anti-theses of democracy and development.

Of course my other theoretical advice (I know this sounds like a joke in the ears of Abeshas) is that they better strive to come back to their root instead of oppressing and subjugating the nation from whom they have been differentiated and emerged in history. That meanse if they want to keep Ethiopia as it is now and hinder Oromia and Abyssinia from being separated nations, they practically need to recognize that Ethiopia (Cushland) in a wider sense means Oromia, they should accept Afaan Oromo as a national language, they must allow Oromo values like Waaqeeffannaa and Irreechaa to be a national value and a national holyday respectively and last but not least they better know that it is only Oromo people who can decide the type of sovereignity we want to have per referendum in a process of self-determination. Democracy and development can be realized better in a sepatrate nation-states based on the public verdict of each national group than in a forced unity without the necessary public vote, like what we are in now. The rhetoric of Weyane which tells us untiredly that "we do have unity of nations and nationalities based on free will" doesn't mean that there is a real unity based on free will on the ground! Let Abeshas stop such self-deception!!