Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To all international communities
Urgent appeal letter

The Oromo Human rights and Relief Organisation (OMRHO e.V) received information that the Sudan government imprisoned the Oromo political refugees at a place called Dabaq which is located in the north of Khartoum and preparing to hand them over to the Ethiopian government. Among the Oromo refugees who are imprisoned at Dabaq north of Khartoum are:

1. Adunya Shifarraw
2. Harun Idris
3. Mhamed Nadoo
4. Abdalla Suleman
5. Ibrahim Youssouf (marqos Gobana)
6. Shantam Atalay
7. Abamalka (Adam) Bisil
8. Milkessa Hailu
9. Teshome and there other refugees whose names did not reach OMRHO e.V.

Such action is against the international law that the Sudan government is obliged to respect. To hand over refugees to the government who persecuted them is morally wrong and it is against humanity. Some of theses refugees were imprisoned in Ethiopia at Zway prison without trial for more than six years and were released. They escaped from Ethiopia and lived for many years in the Sudan to save their lives. OMRHO e.V. is very much concerned for the lives of these refugees and we apply for urgent action to save them from being deported to Ethiopia.

Rev. Benti Ujulu

OMRHO e.V. Chairperson

07.01.2008 Hannover, Germany



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