Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oromo Refugees in Ethiopian Neighboring Countries Seeking Urgent Global Attention

Sponsor: Fiixaa Mootii

Thousands of Oromo Refugees in Ethiopian Neighboring Countries are Critically Suffering from Continuous Hunt, arbitrary Killings and Silencing action of TPLF minority leaders headed under PM Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia. Being in Neighborhood asylum Countries, their Current Situation in general is Deteriorating in most of those Countries and in particular in Somalia. Please respond any anything that could be of help to sustain their worsening current Situation.

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Oromo Refugees in Ethiopian Neighboring Countries Seeking Urgent Global Attention
We, the Oromo Community Members world wide do hereby express our deepest Concern on the current sadistic situation experienced by Oromo Refugees in the Sudan, Djibouti, Kenya...etc and in particular in Somalia and do ask:
1. The Intruding Ethiopian Government military forces stop the killing, intimidation, deportation and detention of Oromo Refugees in Somalia.
2.The Oromos resettled in 3rd Countries to Support them Morally and Financially and immediate demostration against these tyrannic action of Ethiopian Government Militias and
3.The African Union, the UN, the Global Human rights watch, Amnesty International, International Red Cross Society, UNHCR, Foreign and Commenwelth Offices, European Parliement, Parliamentary Human Rights watch, the US Government and any other Humanitarian Grounds strongly Protest such a gross human right Violation against these Innocent Civillians.To our best Knowledge, these Oromo asylum seekers have no Connection with any subversive activities and hence, we do hereby very strongly ask the Unconditional release of these Civilians as speedy as possible. The action pursueded by the Intruding Ethiopia Security forces Constitutes an abhorrent violation of the basic Human Rights and the fundamental principles of the UN Convention both at home and in Neighboring Countries. Therefore, we so urgently appeal that these Refugees be protected by independent bodies and their cases be dealt in separate. May God almighty extend their life span!

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